Happy Birthday Wishes 2023: special & Best Wishes, Messages, And Quotes 2023 for Friends and Family

Happy birthday wishes in English 2023:- It Is a lifestyle to Send birthday wishes and to have a good time Celebrate the occasion. Some enjoy all-out parties, whilst a few accumulate a group of near buddies and absorb the solar of their backyard. Whatever your preference is, it feels lovable to receive birthday wishes.  very excellent birthday wishes on your buddies, own circle of relatives, and Love ones.

Happy birthday wishes

Happy Birthday special & Best Wishes, Messages, And Quotes 2023

Birthday holds special importance in our life.  A day that comes every year in everyone’s life and more and more people enjoy this day.  When someone’s birthday comes, the person whose birthday it is thinks that everyone should wish him a happy birthday. So that he can celebrate his birthday well.  Birthday day is very special for everyone. 

When we wish someone a birthday, then the person in front feels very good.  This increases our heart to have more good behavior and love towards that person.  When we wish birthday to your friend, brother, sister, lover’s relation, and many more we want some good English Wishes SMS.  Today we have brought some such birthday SMS & wishes for you in this article, and to make this time even more unique, some of the best Happy Birthday Quotes and Happy Birthday Status in English go into Happy Birthday Wishes in English.  Are necessary. 

Happy Birthday unique wishes 2023

No one can steal your laughter!

May no one ever make you cry!!

May the lamp of happiness burn like this in life!!!

No storm can extinguish it!!!!

Many many Happy Birthday.

May the rising sun bless you, and may the blooming flower give you a fragrance!

We are not capable of giving anything, the giver may give you happiness!!

 Happy Birthday

May your celebration of happiness always be decorated!

 May every moment be successful & desire for your life be beautiful!!

 You are so happy in life that happiness should also be crazy about you!!

 Wish you a very happy birthday

 The nectar jam of flowers is sent!

 The sun has sent a sky salute!!

 Happy birthday to you on Monday This is a message from the bottom of my heart!!!

 happy birthday

We live in your heart, we bear all your pain!

 No one congratulates you before us, so Happy Birthday in Advance!!

 happy B-Day

 Surely someone must have told you from the heart!

 Even the moon must have looked at you once.

 Even the stars got weathered that day!!!

 The day when God has made you climb on the ground!!!!

 wish you a very happy birthday

 You smell like the smell of flowers!

 The light becomes dazzling like starlight!!

 I pray from the heart that you live long!!!

 Accept my birthday message!!!!

 Wish you a very happy birthday

 May your birthday come as unemployed every year!

 Bring new opportunities for happiness for you!!

 We heartily congratulate you!!!

 May happiness also flow for you!!!!

 Happy birthday

 Gave you happiness full of love!

 May you get moments of happiness!!

 Never have to face any sorrow!!!

 May you get such a coming tomorrow!!!!


This day, this month, this date when I

Birthday party decorated with love!!

Friends were given by writing their names every evening!!!

Your face is like the moon in its light!!!!

Wish you a very happy birthday

There is no light in the lamp, the lonely heart is not so helpless!

We come to wish you on your birthday ourselves!!

Neither insult nor complain!

I just pray that you stay safe!!

And wish you a happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday

You are my best friends!

Tuesday is Saturday, my friend!!

Lest my eyes fall on me!!!

Never blur this face of yours which is blurring!!!!

 You have a birthday birthday

If you don’t remember your birthday!

Check your mobile inbox every day!!

I will not forget my friend’s birthday!!!

First of all, wish you a very happy birthday!!!!


I pray to myself that there should be no sorrow in your life.

 Wherever you get happiness on your birthday!!

 Still, we should not be included in them!!!

 Wish you a very happy birthday

 This is my prayer to God that we have the longest life!

 You always forget and celebrate your birthday!!

 Happy birthday to you

 This day has come after a long time!

 You have brought the spring of happiness with you!!

 In reality, we will not meet you!!!

 But only in dreams, you will be able to wish!!!!

 Wish you a very happy birthday

 What gift should I give on this birthday?

 Just accepting it with love is a lot of love!!

 Have a birthday

 May these days come again and again!

 Heart sings again and again!!

 May you live for thousands of years, this is my wish!!!

 Happy birthday to you!!!!

 Wish you a very happy birthday

 Keep decorating dreams every moment in your eyes!

 Keep humming the songs of happiness!!

 Celebrate your own birthday every year!!!

 Every year we come to your memory!!!!

 Happy birthday

 Should I give the gift of the heart or should I give the moon and stars?

 Everyone asks me what to give on my birthday!!

 Even if I name life, it may fall short!!!

 May I fill your bosom with so much happiness!!!!

 It is our blessing that there is no complaint!

 The flower has not bloomed to date!!

 God bless you all on this day!!!

 No one has found it to date!!!!

 Happy birthday

 May roses come your way!

 Keep beautiful dreams in your eyes!!

 You got all the happiness in life!!!

 You get this blessing from every heart!!!!

 Have a birthday

 What answer should I give to this gesture?

 What gift should I give to my friend?

 If there is a nice flower, he gets it from the gardener!!!

 But what rose should I give to the one who is a rose himself!!!!

 Have a birthday

My eyes never take my eyes off your lips!

 Never come on your eyelids!!

 May all your dreams come true!!!

 And the dream that is not fulfilled does not come at all!!!!

 Wish you a very happy birthday

 May you always have a smile on your lips!

 You remained ignorant of every sorrow!!

 With whom your life smells!!!

 May that person always be with you!!!!

 Have a birthday

 Every day becomes a coincidence for us, this special day!

 What we don’t want to decide, you make sure!!

 By the way, my heart always blesses you!!!

 Still, we say Happy Birthday to you!!!!

 Happy birthday

 Your every day passed with shame, every night is pleasant!

 May every happiness on your birthday be just crazy about you!!

 Have a birthday

 May this auspicious day come a thousand times in your life!

 And we will keep wishing you again and again!!

 You have a birthday birthday

 This is our wish for your birthday!

 You are more than thirteen crores in the sky!!

 Wish you a very happy birthday

 Happy birthday special moments!

 Happy new dreams in pictures!!

 What life has brought for you today!!!

 Congratulations on all those smiles of happiness!!!!

Happy birthday wishes 2023

 This is our wish on your birthday!

 Never this friendship of ours!!

 All life happiness to you !!!

 And all that happiness sweet sweet!!!!

 Have a birthday

 Keep laughing among crores!

 You keep blooming among millions!!

 Be bright among all of you!!!

 Like the moon lives among the stars!!!!

 Happy B-Day

 The name Ghan echoed in the sky!

 The moon should be the destination on the moon too!!

 It’s a small world we live in!!!

 But let charm rule the whole world!!!!

 Happy birthday

 May every stone on the way blossom!

 Clouds of happiness zoom on you and go blitz!!

 You will get everything from God!!!

 Have a birthday

 I will steal everything from your life!

 Let me fill you with happiness

 Remembering you every year is celebrating your birthday!!!

 That’s our intention!!!!

 Wish you a very happy birthday

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